My fun filled Summer Internship at Salesforce

Salesforce is a revolutionary tech company. The first one to take on-premise CRM to the cloud. Then becoming a market leader in CRM. Eventually having a suite of products, solving various business needs for its enterprise customers. This summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Salesforce and work on some exciting projects!

My main project was about providing more visibility into one of the processes of the infrastructure platform team. Our #1 value at Salesforce being trust, we want our customers to know that they can trust us in keeping our infrastructure updated and secure. This involves a number of different activities. My project was to build a solution to monitor these activities and make them more transparent for Salesforce users.

As part of this project, I worked with some amazing teammates and on really cool assignments. I learned how a lot of systems are designed to keep up with the massive scale at which Salesforce operates. On the project management side, Salesforce adopts the agile software development practices. I was part of the sprint meetings and daily standups. This made me aware of the different activities all team mates are working on, and also helped us resolve any roadblocks face by anyone. I also received constructive feedback from my manager and trail guide assigned to me.

Now onto the fun that Salesforce had planned for the summer! We had really fascinating intern events almost every week of the internship. All of us interns would participate and enjoy our time together. We explored Boston as part of a scavenger hunt organized (my team won it 😁). One of the weeks we all went to six flags and got that adrenaline rush from all the roller coaster rides. We also volunteered as part of VTO events and relaxed after work with some yoga. We finally said farewell to the first batch of interns with a dinner on board the Boston cruise. These were really well planned events and I really appreciate the Futureforce team for having these event. Apart from these official events, we interns also did a lot of stuff together. We went out to dinners, movies, ice skating, kayaking on the Charles river and enjoyed our summer to the fullest.

This summer has been a very fulfilling experience. I was able to meet the technical goals I had set for myself. I learnt how backend development is done at a company which deals with massive scale. How the infrastructure is laid out and where our code finally runs. I also got to be a part of the Salesforce culture, contribute my time to VTO and set goals for myself as part of my V2MOM. As this summer comes to an end, I aim to check off all my goals, including demoing my project to our org. I’m glad to have had to opportunity to be a Futureforce intern!

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