LAHacks: A Weekend of Hacking!

Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to take part in one of the premier Hackathons on the West coast and had a blast. What better way to end spring break, than to hack away on some amazing technologies with some cool teammates! I took part in LAHacks, a hackathon that is organized by UCLA.

Sampling data for 1-NN classifier

A k-NN is a very simple and effective classifier in the toolbox of an data scientist. It is based on the philosophy that any new test data point, should be similar to the k nearest train data points that we have already seen. Here too we expect the new data points to be coming from the same data distribution as the already seen data points.

First Hackathon as a Grad student

I recently started my grad school at UC San Diego on Sept 27th, pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Being a great fan of participating in hackathons in my undergrad, I jumped on the opportunity for participating in the first hackthon I saw being organised in my campus! The hackathon UC Health Hack is organised by the Health departments of several UC colleges and Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego.

My journey developing an app for Autistic kids in India

It was December 2017, the penultimate semester of my undergrad was over and I was placed in a great company hrough the campus placement. However the feeling of not having contributed much to the society was nagging me somewhere. While I was browsing through my IITD mailbox, I jumped to take part in the first opportunity I found. Several projects were being taken up by The National Trust of India and IITD in a joint venture. I signed up for it.


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