I'm Mayank Rajoria, a grad student pursuing Master's in Computer Science at UC San Diego
Passionate about using technology to solve challenging problems

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I'm currently an graduate student at UC San Diego, exploring Computer Vision and Computer Networks. I recently completed my undergraduate education from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi after having co-founded my startup Pharmart and an awesome internship at Amazon. I breifly also worked at some really amazing problems at Rivigo.

As a software engineer, I enjoy applying my technical knowledge to solve challenging problems. I wish to technology as an enabler for a better lifestyle. My goal is to always build applications that are scalable and efficient under the hood while providing engaging, pixel-perfect user experiences.

When I'm not in front of a computer screen, I'm probably learning to surf, cruising around on my penny board, or exploring San Diego.

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • Bash
  • Git & Github
  • AWS
  • Postman
  • MySQL
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Android SDK
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
June - September 2019
Software Engineer Intern
June - August 2018
Algorithm Engineer
Python 3 Java Jupyter Notebook Open Street Maps XGBoost GraphHopper
Nov 2015 - June 2018
Co-Founder & CTO
Python 3 Java Django MySQL Android SDK AWS EC2 AWS S3
May - July 2017
Software Development Intern
Java MapReduce AWS S3
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Other Projects
Oct - Nov 2018

- Used collaborative filtering techniques to predict reviewer-item properties on Amazon purchase dataset.
- Predicted whether a user would buy a product using similarity and features based approach. Ranked 25/816 teams in corresponding Kaggle competition.
- Predicted ratings that a user would give to unrated products in the dataset using baseline and matrix factorization based approaches. Ranked 44/461 teams in corresponding Kaggle competition.

Python 3 Jupyter Notebook Pandas Numpy

- Implemented the election mechanism of RAFT protocol in Python.
- Used RPC library for inter-process communication.

Python 3 RPyC
Oct 2018

- Developed a web server in Python 3 based on custom "Triton HTTP" protocol
- The web server used socket API to accept requests from clients, parse them as per proocol specification and returen requested resource.

Python 3 socket API threading API
Aug 2017 - May 2018

- Added a layer of "in-graph" index in JanusGraph to speed up queries, as a layer over the user's graph data.
- This allowed us to achieved independence from external indexing backends for "equate" and "range" type queries.

Java JanusGraph
April - May 2018

- Deployed Smart Contract for Media Distribution on Ethereum Testnet.
- Created web interface for creators to publish media and an interface for users to view and purchase them.
- Provided offchain encryption-decryption interface.

Ethereum Solidity JavaScript HTML/Bootstrap
Oct 2017??

- Solved various challenges to score points in the Hackathon.
- Used face detection in OpenCV to place image of a hat over user's face on stream received from camera.
- Created a robust login system for an Android app. This would logout a user after limited specified time by handling various corner cases in app lifecycle.
🏆 1st Rank in Aldoid Hackathon 🏆

Java C++ OpenCV Android SDK

- BrainWhack is a directed learning Android app.
- The app recommendeds prerequisites of an article that user plans to read, to help them understand better.
🏆 1st Runner Up in Coding Blocks Hackathon 🏆

Java Android SDK
Oct 2017

- SimpleDB is an educational DBMS, in which we implemented new features.
- Added a DATETIME data type to the DBMS and extended its B-Tree implementation of indexes to be able to serve range queries.

April - Nov 2015

- Developed and published 2 native iOS games to the Apple App Store.

Swift SpriteKit